Ready Player One: Să înceapă jocul (2018)

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Ready Player One: Să înceapă jocul (2018)

Aventuri | SF | Acțiune
7.8 / 10
Release Date
28 March 2018
2 : 19 minutes
Spoken Language
Reputatul Steven Spielberg semnează regia aventurii SF „Ready Player One: Să înceapă jocul”, bazat pe romanul bestseller omonim al lui Ernest Cline care a devenit un adevărat fenomen în ultimii ani. În 2045, omenirea se află în haos și la un pas de colaps. Însă lumea și-a găsit refugiul în OASIS, un univers online bazat pe realitate virtuală creat de genialul, dar excentricul James Halliday (Mark Rylance). După moartea sa, Halliday lasă prin testament întreaga lui avere primei persoane, oricare ar fi aceasta, care va găși „Oul de Paște” ascuns undeva în OASIS. De aici, o competiție acerbă pornește în toată lumea. Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) intră în ametitoarea cursă fantastică și devine unul dintre cei mai vânați utilizatori, după ce reușește să treacă primul de indiciul inițial.

Cast Overview :

Wade Watts / Parzival
by: Tye Sheridan
Samantha Cook / Art3mis
by: Olivia Cooke
Helen Harris / Aech
by: Lena Waithe
Nolan Sorrento
by: Ben Mendelsohn
i-R0k (voice)
by: T.J. Miller
Ogden Morrow
by: Simon Pegg
James Halliday / Anorak
by: Mark Rylance
Zhou / Sho
by: Philip Zhao
Toshiro / Daito
by: Win Morisaki
F'Nale Zandor
by: Hannah John-Kamen
by: Susan Lynch
by: Ralph Ineson
by: Perdita Weeks
Mrs. Gilmore
by: Clare Higgins
by: Letitia Wright
Elementary Kid
by: Mckenna Grace
Elementary Kid
by: Lulu Wilson
Corporate Businessman (uncredited)
by: Daniel Eghan
by: Cara Pifko
by: Vic Chao
by: Cara Theobold
Young Halliday
by: Isaac Andrews
Sixer #6655
by: Joel MacCormack
Reb Kid
by: Kit Connor
Reb Kid
by: Leo Heller
Reb Kid
by: Antonio Mattera
Sorrento's Assistant
by: Ronke Adekoluejo
Pole Dancer
by: Lynne Wilmot
Reb (Safe House)
by: Kae Alexander
Sixer Drill Instructor
by: Michael Wildman
Elementary Kid
by: Adolfo Álvarez
Elementary Kid
by: Alonso Alvarez
Elementary Kid
by: Jadah Marie
High School Kid
by: Arianna Jaffier
High School Kid
by: Armani Jackson
High School Kid
by: Britain Dalton
High School Kid
by: Jacob Bertrand
High School Kid
by: Daniel Zolghadri
JN / Commuter (uncredited)
by: Julia Nickson
IOI Staff (uncredited)
by: Kiera Bell
Ten-Year Old Kid
by: William Gross
Chubby Guy
by: Gareth Mason
Player (uncredited)
by: Samantha Russell
Lame Tattoo Guy (Reb)
by: Laurence Spellman

Member Reviews :

There's a moment in this movie when the central character says "I love her". His friend hastily replies, "Slow down bro... she could be a 300 lb man living in his mom's basement." In the very brief beat between the two lines, I thought FINALLY a movie about falling in love completely independent of what a person's genetics may be. And then the crushing cynicism in a dystopian world where there is little to live for and even less to hope for: even in a nightmare, a fat man is undateable. Don't worry though. If you have the skills you may end up on top. Just like Ben Mendelsohn's slave-owning antagonist almost did. Because in this story, it's not a world where anyone feels compassion or empathy. It's a world where everyone only thinks of themselves. A sociopath's dream. And that's what earns the top prize. I love looking at Tye Sheridan. But not enough to sit through this again.
I watched this movie because I was once working in the VR industry and really curious what it could tell us (even though I am not really interested after watching the trailer). Anyway, the experience is not bad (in 4DX). But not recommended for a second watch since there is little to dig and feel except for the numerous, eye-dazzling amount of Easter eggs. Sorry.
Another great movie from Steven Spielberg
Obviously everything from the book cannot go into the movie, however a lot of what got into the movie was not from the book. Too much focus on car chases and too little on solving a puzzle. If you haven't read the book, read the book! it's much more awesome!